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Akothee says life is in danger after attack by goons at Migori County

Singer Esther Akoth, popularly known by the stage name Akothee, has expressed concerns for her safety citing threats from unidentified politicians in her native Migori County.

In a statement on her socials, Akothee who also is a businesswoman and influencer, said she feared potential harm orchestrated by certain political figures.

“My life is in danger in Migori County and I never expected this threat. If Migori politicians intend to end my life, I urge them not to use thugs for their nefarious purposes; instead, they should just shoot me, I am an easy target,” wrote the mother of five.

She claimed the alarming revelations come in the wake of a frightening incident at the Migori County Chief Finance Office where she was allegedly attacked by unknown assailants.

“This morning I had a revelation from God which I will share with you later as investigations continue, I am currently at the police station after being assaulted by thugs at the Migori County Chief Finance Office,” she continued.

Akothee detailed the harrowing encounter, describing how she narrowly escaped a potential attack as she left through a back exit, only to be pursued by the assailants.

“These thugs gathered outside the door, anticipating my exit, but luckily I left through the back door and they followed me to the gate. Alarmingly, district reinforcements arrived and instead of intervening, they jovially chatted with the attackers and threatened me with harm,” she said.

Following the incident, Akothee reported the matter to the authorities and is currently under police escort as she leaves Migori County.

“I was then escorted to the police station where I gave a statement. I am now being escorted out of Migori,” she said.

The disturbing turn of events has disrupted Akothee’s plans, including her involvement in admitting Form One students to schools, highlighting the serious implications of the situation.

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to admit the Form One students to school today, a terrible consequence of the events that have taken place. the situation is escalating and the tension is palpable,” she concluded.

Akothee has promised to provide further details.

In November 2023, Akothee suggested she had beef with a senior politician in Migori, fuelled by specialtion she will be seeking the Woman Representative seat in the 2027 polls.

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