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Akothee takes social media break to focus on marriage

Singer Akothee has announced that she is taking a break from social media to focus on her marriage.

As a newlywed, the mother-of-five expressed her desire to focus on getting pregnant, prompting her to take this break.

Akothee kindly asked her fans to give her some space during this time.

Reflecting on her recent wedding to Denis Schweizer aka Omosh, Akothee took to her Instagram page to share her joy and mentioned that she didn’t think she would ever have another beautiful wedding like the one she just had.

She humorously added that the next wedding she has in the future will also be unique.

Amidst the wedding buzz, some tasks were left undone. The couple had yet to unwrap their presents, and her spouse had to go back to work after a brief two-week hiatus.

Akothee added that this was the cause of their postponed honeymoon.

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Feeling the pressure of time and her desire to start a family, Akothee confessed that they hadn’t been able to conceive yet.

She put this down to stress and decided to prioritise her love life.

Akothee shared her doctor’s advice, warning that tying the knot can take a toll on the body and potentially impact fertility right after the wedding.

She admitted to feeling disappointed when her period arrived and realised that the doctor’s prediction was correct.

Akothee has now asked for the understanding and support of her fans.

She declared her intention to take a break from everyone and everything, including social media, in order to focus on her goal of becoming a mother.

Akothee ended her message by asking everyone to give her the time and space she needs to search for her second-last baby before discussing other matters.

Akothee lost her pregnancy in December 2023.

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