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Akothee threatens to sue controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe

Popular singer Esther Akoth, better known by her stage name Akothee, and media personality Andrew Kibe are involved in a war of words on social media.

The exchange of words began in earnest when the former radio presenter invaded the singer’s bedroom affairs.

In her rebuttal, Akothee, who is known not to mince his words, warned the equally outspoken Kibe over what she termed as ‘a man full of appetite for attacking women’.

The Kula Ngoma hitmaker further cautioned Kibe that he would consider taking legal action against her.

“Now this is not content but disrespect to women. Andrew Kibe be careful, let not clout chasing push you to jail. You are not above the law to just wake up and rant. We all understand you are broke, bitter and toxic, you can create all types of content,” Akothee wrote on her official Instagram and Facebook.

On the post, Akothee who recently walked down the aisle with her husband Dennis Schweizer, attached a screenshot of Kibe’s attacks comparing her matrimonial matters to an alleged obscene video of the internal Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Millicent Omanga.

Fighting back, Akothee accused Kibe of being enticed by alcohol hence lowering his libido.

“You mislead the younger generation with your toxic product. Anyone following Kibe must be a toxic person. Andrew Kibe you will not attack families and subject kids to trauma for sending their parents for DNA online kwani wewe babako tunamjua (Do we even know your father)?” she posed.

Recently, the former radio presenter called on YouTube content creator Thee Pluto to do a DNA test of his newly born kid with his wife Felicity Shiru.

He offered to cater for the paternity test costs, claiming he is certain the child is not his.

Thee Pluto has urged his followers to pray for him, revealing that he is battling depression.

Kibe is also accused of attacking Simon Kabu’s wife, Sarah Kabu after she lost her pregnancy.

“Kibe, you may be based in the United States (US) but you are a Kenyan. You failed terribly here in Kenya, while men at your age are busy working from 8 to 5 you are busy monitoring people’s lives.

“If you are doing well in the US, can you document your life for a week without touching personalities? Can you post for us the bills that you take care of in the US? We shall bring you back to Kenya to answer all the questions you are raising. You must be accountable for your deeds…” Akothee further wrote.

It remains unclear if the artist has instituted a legal redress, to sue Kibe over his alleged remarks.

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