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Akothee: Very few men can afford my lifestyle

Celebrated Kenyan singer Akothee has not every random man out there can afford her expensive lifestyle.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers shared a video of herself at one of her palatial homes, saying maintaining such would make most men grow grey hair. According to Akothee, not every man can afford her lifestyle.

“Not every random man can afford my lifestyle, it’s simple but very expensive,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

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“I don’t ask for money or toys, just maintenance of one of my homes will make you grow white hair. Honey, I shower with hot water, there was no power but the generator/solar is working perfectly. Thank you,” she added.

Akothee is known for her flashy lifestyle, which unapologetically brags about at every available opportunity.

She owns several mansions and properties within and outside the country.

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Akothee owns two multi-million shillings mansions in her rural home in Rongo, Migori county and another one in Mtwapa, Kilifi County.

Her Rongo mansion, which she often refers to as her retirement home, has a large garden with a swimming pool, well-manicured lawns and a chill-out area. The compound is well lit and features well-constructed pathways.

She has also built her family a fancy home.

In according to her expensive mansions, the Kula Ngoma hitmaker also owns several flashy cars worth millions of shillings.

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