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Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks, on mental health protection in the face of social media scrutiny

Cebbie Koks, the sister of renowned musician Akothee, recently took to her Instagram page to share her personal insights on protecting her mental health from the impact of social media trolls and online negativity.

As a public figure, she says she understands the importance of self-preservation in the face of constant scrutiny and judgment from the public.

In her Instagram post, Cebbie reflected on her initial experience with social media bullying in 2017, describing it as a completely new and overwhelming encounter.

“In 2017, I experienced the negative impact of social media bullying for the first time. It was a completely new and overwhelming experience for me.

However, with time, things got better. It’s important to acknowledge that social media doesn’t owe us any loyalty, and engaging in battles with faceless individuals who say anything for attention and followers only adds fuel to the fire,” she wrote.

However, she emphasized that with time, she found strategies to better safeguard her mental well-being.

Cebbie Koks outlined her approach to preserving mental health in the digital age:

  1. Take Regular Breaks: Cebbie emphasizes the importance of taking regular breaks from social media to recharge and prioritize her mental well-being.
  2. Cultivate Real Connections: Building genuine connections with mentors, friends, and family members outside of social media provides vital support and connection.
  3. Choose Offline Resolution: Not every issue or conflict needs to be addressed through social media; sometimes, it is more effective to deal with matters privately.
  4. Detach from Brand: Recognizing that the brand or online persona one upholds is separate from their personal well-being is crucial. Life should not depend on the online presence.
  5. Prioritize Self Over Brand: Cebbie emphasizes the importance of self-preservation over an online brand, emphasizing that she is more significant than the online persona she maintains.
  6. Selective Sharing: As her online presence grew, so did the curiosity about her personal life. Cebbie chooses to share only what she can handle or live without.

Cebbie Koks believes in the significance of taking complete breaks from social media, citing the importance of detoxing from the digital world.

She underlines that even mindlessly scrolling through posts can have psychological effects, making it essential to prioritize offline connections and activities.

Regarding vulnerability, Cebbie acknowledges its role in being human but approaches sharing it online with caution.

She has observed how social media can exacerbate issues that might have been resolved more swiftly and effectively outside the online realm.

In conclusion, Cebbie Koks encourages taking regular breaks from social media, nurturing offline connections, and remaining mindful of the psychological effects of online engagement.

By doing so, she said individuals can protect their mental health and continue to thrive in their respective fields while managing the challenges of the digital age.

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