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Ali Kiba used and dumped me, Tanzanian model Madeleine claims

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 29th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian model Madeleine aka Tanzanian Lioness has sensationally claimed that the Bongo singer Ali Kiba dated her while he was still married.

To back up her claims, the model has shared videos of herself with Ali Kiba in his car during their time together.

Madeleine, who said she is not desperate for fame, also shared photos she took with Ali Kiba.

“A person who should be a good example in society is supposed to hold others and not take advantage of women. In his 20 years of fame, I am the only one who spoke about it but there are so many victims. He had told me that he was legally divorced and so under those circumstances, who wouldn’t have tried?” Madeleine said.

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These claims have drawn great interest and varied reactions among Ali Kiba’s followers and fans on social media.

While some have accused Madeleine of attempting to tarnish the musician’s reputation and promote her own brand, others have voiced their support for her.

This even as Madeleine reiterated that her intention was not to ruffle feathers but to address the issue of abuse of power.

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She revealed that she was the one who ended the relationship, not out of greed or for personal gain, but due to her perception of mistreatment.

Relationship issues are commonplace, she explained, but abuse is not, which is why she chose to speak out.

Madeleine termed abuse as someone treating another person as if they are insignificant and behaving in a domineering manner.

She encouraged women to stand against abuse and accept separation when necessary but not to tolerate mistreatment.

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