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Alliance High School old boys ask board to resign over bullying saga

A section of old boys of Alliance High School  on Sunday put to task the school’s board of management for its failure to act on bullies.

Some of the old boys on Sunday demanded the resignation of the board, accusing it of failing to live up to its expectations after it admitted that there was bullying in the school.

Addressing the media after a Sunday service at the school, acting board chairman Sam Ncheeri regretted the bullying incidents but said it was confined to few boys.

“It is among these boys that the ugly beast of bullying reared its (ugly) head. The board would like to apologise to the parents whose sons have been bullied by other boys,” he said.

“We apologise to the old boys who have been embarrassed by what they have heard.”


He went on: “We apologise to the entire nation who have always looked up to the school as a pillar and leader of excellence. The board apologised to all students at a forum with all the boys when they reported back to school last Thursday evening.”

The chairman said the board does not and would not condone or tolerate bullying or any type of indiscipline in the school, adding that it was dealing with the issue with the firmness it deserves.

“No boy shall ever bully another one at Alliance High School,” he said.

He said the institution had dealt with the known bullies who unfortunately, contrary to the norm, are mainly prefects.

“We are continuing to dig further to ensure all the bullies are weeded out. We are investigating further to find where the real genesis is for us to stump it out completely. Where did the administration fail?” said Mr Ncheere.


The board, he said, was following the trails to the source to completely clean up the mess.

“No stone no matter how heavy will be left unturned. This school at 91 years today preceded us all and outlives us. This school is more important than anyone of us. We will not allow the reputation of this school to be destroyed by anyone,” he said.

Mr Ncheere said the board had assured students that they would never be bullied again and if any of them ever comes across a bully, he should report to the principal immediately.

He said teachers would be more hands on in terms of dealing with disciplinary cases, adding that the institution would provide counselling to students who may have been traumatised by bullies.

The chairman said the board was working closely with the principal and teachers to ensure that students are safe.


“The aspiration of the board is to fulfil the tenets of the school prayer; “have in thy keeping oh Lord our God, this school. That its work may be through and its life joyful and from it may go out, strong in body, mind and character, boys who will serve their fellows faithfully.”

He said cleansing and healing had already started, noting that the students since coming back are joyful.

“We shall continue with the recovery process and no resource available shall be spared and we shall ensure the school reclaims the lost glory,” said the chairman.