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Anaiba nyota: Pastor Ezekiel claims Bongo star weaponises pregnancy

Famous Kenyan televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero, during his recent preaching, touched on some men who impregnate women and end up dumping them with the children. In short, they weaponise pregnancy against the women they date.

The controversial head of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church based in Kilifi was praying for a man who talked about how he had been dumped by all the women he met and got pregnant.

During his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel reflected on the challenges faced by those left to raise children alone, referencing a “famous bongo artiste” who has made headlines for his relationships.

“There is a famous bongo artistes who habitually impregnates different women. He has sired several children with various women. And when he loves them, these girls don’t care. They think they are the only ones he will date,” Pastor Ezekiel preached.

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The pastor expressed that the artist’s life journey has seen him fathering children with different women and then parting ways.

“He took one from Kenya and impregnated her and then dumped her. Roho ya kuoa hana (He doesn’t have the spirit of marriage).”

Pastor Ezekeil did not mention who the Bongo star is. However, fans who interacted with the viral video online linked his sermon to a popular bongo heartthrob who has four baby mamas, although only three are widely known.

The media have extensively covered his romantic entanglements.

The two seemed poised for a grand wedding, even announcing the participation of international celebrities.

However, the anticipated ceremony was postponed, and their relationship faced public scrutiny.

The baby mama openly shared her perspective on why she chose to date the star, noting that she had seen beyond the star’s past reputation.

She further defended their relationship, stating that past relationships were part of their histories and should not define their present.

His previous relationships with the other baby mamas also saw public scrutiny and accusations of infidelity.

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