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Beef alert! Octopizzo warns Khaligraph to stop talking about him

The ongoing musical rivalry between rappers Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones has taken a fresh turn as Octopizzo warns his longtime industry rival to refrain from mentioning his name during interviews.

During an interview with comedian Obinna, Khaligraph Jones recently delved into the musical feud between himself and Octopizzo.

The rapper acknowledged the tension between him and Octopizzo, stating that Octopizzo has consistently held a negative disposition towards him.

“That man has never liked me, you know there’s just someone you feel like you can’t love and you can’t blame them, you were just born that way,” he said.

Khaligraph, aged 33, emphasized that he no longer has the time or inclination for feuds, regardless of their history.

“When I meet Octo, I greet him ‘Niaje’. If he wants answer or not, I still greet him.”

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Khaligraph further touched upon Octopizzo’s previous comments about his dressing style, acknowledging that while he doesn’t harbor similar sentiments toward anyone else, he can understand Octopizzo’s perspective.

“I saw in an interview that he said that he doesn’t like the way I dress. I understand him because I don’t feel like I feel that way about anyone else, but I understand him because even if I were him, I wouldn’t like Khaligraph,”¬†he said.

Khaligraph Jones then praised Octopizzo’s social media prowess and journey from challenging beginnings in Kibera.

“I have no enmity with him, I don’t have that time if you see I am now 33 years, now things started in the past until now where and where…” Khaligraph added.

Responding to Khaligraph’s remarks, Octopizzo has now addressed the situation, expressing his frustration with the constant name-dropping in interviews.

“I hear there’s still some f**l out there mentioning me in interviews… What you’re looking for, you’ll find it very soon. Shut your mouth on that other side…”

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