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Exclusive: Why I live a humble lifestyle – Khaligraph Jones

Renowned rapper Khaligraph Jones has shed light on his modest way of life, despite amassing substantial wealth from his flourishing music career.

When asked about his shoes and clothing sources, Khaligraph candidly told Nairobi News that his devoted fans generously gift a considerable portion of his shoes.

He said he typically only invests in shoes priced under Ksh 1500.

“I don’t spend more than Sh1200 on my shoes, most often, they cost around Sh800, and occasionally my fans bless me with free shoes. Financial constraints are a reality for artists like us in this nation,” he told Nairobi News.

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Regarding his wardrobe choices, the rapper said that his sister, who is a skilled stylist, plays a pivotal role in his wardrobe selection.

Khaligraph emphasized that his sister creates tailor-made outfits that suit him.

“All of my attire is uniquely tailored by my sister. I’ve outgrown the usual clothing options available here. She’s part of my team, and I pay her accordingly. While I do appreciate some locally designed clothes, they just don’t fit me. I mainly purchase caps and socks locally,” he said.

During the interview with Nairobi News, Khaligraph took a moment to acknowledge comedian Eric Omondi for his recent noteworthy philanthropic endeavors facilitated through his social media platforms.

“Eric has matured remarkably, and we genuinely admire his efforts. We extend our commendation for his ongoing initiatives.

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Regardless of any political ambitions, I admire his authentic actions. I believe he’s truly making a positive impact,” Khaligraph praised.

The rapper also offered insights into his latest track, “Minimal Pressure,” in which he mentioned prominent content creators Eddie Butita and comedian Njugush.

The song alluded to their alleged meeting with President William Ruto to address taxation concerns affecting Kenyan content creators’ earnings.

“Let’s clarify, I didn’t mean to imply they were being bribed. Everyone loves to visit that place. Everyone is self-reliant. As artists, we shouldn’t expect others to assist us should we visit the Statehouse. The public embraced the song, showing tremendous appreciation. As an artist, I take great pride in that composition,” Khaligraph concluded.

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