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Anerlisa Muigai throws shade at side chics who compete with GOAT wives

By Winnie Mabel December 15th, 2022 2 min read

Nero Company CEO and Instagram influencer Anerlisa Muigai has hit out at side chics dating married men and then trying to compete with the men’s wives – often referred to as GOAT wives for holding down their marriages, building each other up and succeeding in life in partnership with their husbands.

In a post on Instagram, Anerlisa threw shade at such side chics, who are often younger woman seduced by money into these relationships or actively seek out moneyed men to fund soft lives for them. The men in their lives are infamously known as wababa and are often older.

“Moment of silence to those women who come into a relationship thinking they will be better than the wife. The problem is that you see men looking nice on social media, not knowing that the wife put him together, so given that chance, you can’t maintain that,” Anerlisa ranted.

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Instances of illicit relationships with married spouses have been on the rise if cases exposed on Kenyan social media streets are anything to go by. It is now a glorified phenomenon to date a married spouse in the name of living life once and enjoying the soft life.

Such instances include the two infamous relationships Instagram influencer Amber Ray was in with first time Member of Parliament Zaheer Jhanda and Jimal Marlow alias Roho Safi. Her is a classic case of a side chic who fought the GOAT wives and still ended up losing when the men eventually walked away.

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With Zaheer, Amber Ray claimed not to have known he was a married man when he approached her. They enjoyed their relationship even as Zaheer upgraded her life at a time she was enduring difficulties in her life. Eventually, Zaheer’s wife found out leading to an ugly online war of words. At one point, Amber Ray was even accused of consulting witch doctors to keep Zaheer. Eventually, Zaheer broke up with her.

Second time around, Amber Ray once again flaunted her married boyfriend, Jimal, and publicly shaded and insulted his wife for months. Jimal did nothing to stop Amber from getting out of hand and as their relationship began getting more serious and she got pregnant for him. But Jimal bailed on her after all the drama they had served Kenyans in attacking his estranged wife, Amira. Unfortunately, Amber lost the pregnancy.

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