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Aging gracefully: Awinja reveals ‘secret’ to her age-defying looks

By Sinda Matiko September 30th, 2023 1 min read

When Kenyan content creator and actress Awinja recently celebrated her 36th birthday, what got her followers on social media talking was how she seems to be defying aging.

Many of her fans sought to know the secrets to her youthful looks. They wondered whether it had anything to do with food or workout routine.

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Well, the secret is now out after Awinja, whose real name is Jacky Vike, responded to these queries.

And guess what? The mother of one said she doesn’t do much to maintain her youthfulness.

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“I eat everything except poison. I have never been on a diet or something like that. My youthfulness is all about genetics. I come from a family where we all have small bodies,” said Awinja said.

And as far as her workout regime is concerned, the actress said yoga is what works best for her.

“Other than genetics what I do is hot yoga or Bikram yoga where a room is heated and you do various poses. I wouldn’t want to lie to people. I don’t do much honestly,” she said.

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