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Azziad, Nviiri react to government’s digital creators tax payment proposal

content creator, Azziad Nasenya, has expressed her frustration with individuals in the government who lack understanding of the content creation space and the effort required to produce content.

During a live session on her TikTok this week, Azziad criticized those who are given a platform to speak but say nothing of value after the proposed 15 per cent tax on content creators.

President William Ruto’s Finance Bill 2023 proposes a raft of taxes that will have a major impact on Kenya’s digital content creators and owners of platforms that facilitate the trading of digital assets.

The proposal includes a 15 per cent withholding tax on payments related to the monetisation of digital content, which will significantly impact the thousands of young people who make their living in the digital space.

Azziad pointed out the irony that these same individuals who don’t understand content creation are the ones proposing taxes on content creators.

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She expressed her disappointment with the level of ignorance displayed by those in power and called for more education on the subject.

With the rise of social media and digital platforms, content creation has become a lucrative industry and Azziad encourages others to explore this field and develop effective strategies to succeed in it.

Azziad also spoke about the financial benefits of content creation, stating that it is a well-paying job.

She revealed that she knows many individuals who earn millions of dollars per month through content creation, but emphasized that having a good strategy is key.

According to Azziad, it is time for people to start taking content creation seriously and professionalize it.

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“I know very many people who make millions from content creation in a month. If you just have a good strategy. Its high time people start professionalize content creation.”

Sol Generation’s signee Nviiri The Storyteller also expressed his opposition to the proposed 15 per cent tax on content creators.

Through his Instagram Stories, Nviiri urged the government to prioritize protecting the rights of artistes instead of taxing their new and innovative ways of making money through digital platforms.

He suggested that the government engage with young creatives and involve them in decision-making processes to find solutions.

While he acknowledged the importance of taxes, he emphasized the need for them to be implemented properly.

Nviiri also gave credit to officials who are advocating for the rights of artists and expressed his willingness to participate in finding solutions.

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