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Baby Pendo’s parents find justice in court for her killing, and joy in rainbow baby boy

The parents of Baby Samantha Pendo, who was killed during a police operation in Nyalenda, Kisumu county in 2017, have a four month old baby boy.

Their rainbow baby, Jackings Abanja, was conceived about six months after Baby Pendo was clobbered to death by anti-riot police deployed to quell protests that broke out following the outcome of 2017 general election.

During the Thursday verdict of the inquest that found five commanders culpable for Baby Pendo’s death, Joseph Abanja and Lancer Achieng’ Abanja looked happy as they lovingly cuddled their baby boy.

As they walked into the courtroom, Mr Abanja had strapped Baby Jackings in the front with a baby carrier followed closely by his wife, their smiles showing radiantly.

The parents took turns to hold Baby Jackings as the magistrate read out the verdict of the inquest into baby Pendo’s death.

After the verdict, both parents said they were happy with the decision but still expressed bitterness with the police brutality that robbed them of their baby girl.

Mr Abanja said the inquest findings should create a momentum for all kinds of people who have been brutalised by the police across the country to seek redress.

Mrs Abanja said she was elated her daughter could now rest in peace. She saw the verdict as first steps for justice for her fallen child and hoped it would be a big lesson to inform how police conduct themselves in future.