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Bad omen: Nadia Mukami recounts accident that sent set designer to ICU

Kenyan songbird Nadia Mukami has recently opened up about the challenges she faced while creating her latest hit, “Siko Sure.”

Despite a series of setbacks, accidents, and obstacles, the resilient artiste and her team persevered to produce a song and music video that have captured the hearts of her fans.

In a candid Instagram post, Nadia shared the rollercoaster journey she went through to bring “Siko Sure” to life.

She described it as the most challenging experience of her career, filled with unexpected accidents and setbacks that made her doubt the project’s fate.

“This song is special!! The experience before we had the final product was crazy!” said Nadia.

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The initial video shoot for “Siko Sure” turned into a nightmare as Nadia and her team faced two separate accidents simultaneously.

The unfortunate incidents forced them to cancel the shoot, with one team member ending up in intensive care. However, he is now on the road to recovery.

“Worst in my career! On the day of the first video shoot, we were involved in two accidents on different places simultaneously! How weird is that!! We had to cancel the video shoot because one of us was in ICU! He’s now recovering from home! I hated the idea of doing a video for this song because the bad omen was already too much!”

Nadia confessed that the negative energy surrounding the song had taken its toll on her. She even considered abandoning the idea of a music video altogether.

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The mounting expenses and the string of unfortunate events had left her disheartened.

Nonetheless, the determined artiste didn’t give up. A new date was set for a second video shoot.

However, just when they thought the worst was behind them, the set designer found himself stuck in Mombasa. It seemed like yet another roadblock on the path to bringing “Siko Sure” to life.

“We set out a date for another shoot! Talk of expenses!!! I was already bored with the song and just appeared at the video shoot location for the sake of having the video!! On the day of the second shoot, the set guy was stuck in Mombasa,” she shared.

In this crisis, Nadia decided to take matters into her own hands. She and her team chose to improvise and finish the project without the set designer.

It was a decision born out of sheer determination and a desire to see the song through despite the overwhelming challenges.

When Nadia finally received the completed music video, she was taken aback by the final product. It was at that moment that she rekindled her love for “Siko Sure.”

Reflecting on the tumultuous journey behind “Siko Sure,” Nadia Mukami believes there was a reason for all the obstacles and adversity. She encourages her fans to receive the project with love and appreciation.

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