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Betty Kyallo discloses her ‘financial struggles’ and threats from close friend

Media personality Betty Kyallo has spoken about an incident involving financial debt and threats from a close friend.

In her highly anticipated comeback on YouTube, Kyallo delved into personal aspects of her life, promising to provide her fans with a closer look at her experiences, both positive and challenging.

In the video, Kyallo addressed the financial pressures that she, like many others, faces despite her public image of success.

“Most times, life is hard. Even when you guys check out Betty is slaying and opening business after the other and you sometimes think I am doing well. Most times, some of the struggles you go through are the same I also go through,” she said.

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Kyallo’s authenticity and transparency shone through as she recounted an incident involving a close friend who had lent her money.

She revealed that the debt, a part of everyday life for many, became a point of contention when her friend threatened to expose her on social media if the debt was not repaid promptly.

“It’s okay to have a debt. This person calls me and threatens to expose me on social media if I did not pay,” Kyallo shared.

Despite the pressure and potential public embarrassment, she demonstrated resilience and courage, focusing on addressing the situation in a constructive manner.

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Kyallo’s narrative echoed a common sentiment that individuals from all walks of life experience financial challenges and setbacks.

Her openness to discussing her struggles, as well as her determination to share those experiences with her audience, adds a layer of relatability to her public image.

In the video, she emphasized the importance of dealing with life as it comes and learning to navigate through the ups and downs.

“We deal with so many things every day but all that matters is how we deal with each day,” she said.

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