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Betty Kyallo: Why I’m now keeping my love life private

Media personality Betty Kyallo has spoken out about the joys and challenges of keeping her love life private, saying it gives her the freedom to be herself in public.

Speaking at the recent relaunch of TV47, the mother of one also spoke about the lessons she has learned from publicizing her past relationships. Betty acknowledged that putting her personal life in the public domain has come at a cost.

“I’m actually enjoying dating on the low because when you put your person up on ni mapressure tu,” Betty said.

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She said dating someone in the public eye comes with added expectations and pressures from the media and fans, making it challenging to maintain a sense of authenticity and intimacy.

The mother of one spoke about the importance of taking her time to get to know her partner and protecting their relationship from public scrutiny.

Betty emphasized that she wanted to avoid rushing into anything and chose to go slow to truly understand her partner’s compatibility and intentions.

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“I feel like if I really want to know somebody, I owe it to myself to just kwenda pole pole sana,” she said, indicating her commitment not to settle for anything less than genuine love and understanding.

Betty also said her current bae has been supportive of her decision to keep their relationship low-key, which she views as a positive sign in their journey together.

“If my partner was not okay with us dating chini ya maji, it would be like a red flag. Because why do you wanna be known, why do you wanna be out there? So until maybe we get married or maybe after a few years, that’s when I would be comfortable putting them out there,” she said.

In the past, Betty has talked about previous lovers wanting to be out there to gain fame with her brand name.

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