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Bi Sandra wewe! Times Mama Diamond helped him heartbreak women

Many women often hope that the mothers of the men they like or love will also like them for their sons.

They hope to have a good relationship with them in the event that they become mothers-in-law.

During this period, young women tend to pander to their boyfriend’s mother, showering her with praise, love and attention, in the hope that if the relationship becomes serious, the potential mother-in-law will have no qualms.

In some cases, however, a potential mother-in-law can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when interacting with the woman her son is dating.

Often this is because she is aware of her son’s bad behaviour and supports or condones it, especially if he is financially supporting her or may be her only male child.

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It is in this group that the mother of Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz falls.

Popularly known as Sandra Sanura Kassim or Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother has condoned her son’s infidelities with women across Africa and ultimately helped him break their hearts.

Nairobi News samples the instances in which Mama Dangote egged on Diamond’s women as his wives (before he could even clarify that they would be his wives) only to help him break their hearts through her statements and behaviour.

Wema Sepetu

Diamond and Wema dated at the height of their popularity. However, Diamond’s infidelity was the reason for their break-up. At the time, his mother hinted that the two would marry, but they did not. After their split, Mama Dangote began to make things worse by saying she wished they had married and over seven years after their infamous split, Mama Dangote would still claim that Diamond was in love with Wema based on a song he released, ‘Naanzaje’. She claimed that the song was about Wema Sepetu.

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Zari Hassan

Mama Dangote sang Zari’s praises but had no qualms about going to the hospital to visit her son’s lover, Hamisa Mobetto, to see the son they conceived when he cheated on Zari. This was the beginning of the downfall of a love affair that fans had hoped would end in marriage. Eventually, Zari broke up with Diamond as their love triangle attracted negative media attention worldwide.

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha and Diamond’s mother were ‘targets’. Diamond treated them well, almost equally in terms of gifts. Tanasha also spent money on her future mother-in-law. However, things began to go sideways when Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship went sour. Rumours began to circulate that Diamond was taking back some of the gifts he had given Tanasha and giving them to his mother. It was claimed that the car was registered in Sandra’s name. All the while, Sandra remained silent and Tanasha went about her life as a single mother. It wasn’t until months later that Sandra began sending Tanasha some love online, but still did nothing about her son’s neglect of her baby.

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It seems that as long as Diamond is providing financially for the needs of his mother and extended family, no one will sit him down and advise him of the error of his ways.

Diamond is notorious for being a ‘Father Abraham’ – he has many children in different countries, but his mother does not counsel him as one would expect from a mother who sees her son senselessly hurting women and does nothing about it.

And when these women have found some measure of healing through Diamond’s character development, Sandra would sometimes come out of the woodwork to publicly praise them or show them affection; reminding them of their heartbreak all over again.

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