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Rayvanny defends wife in explosive Instagram feud with ex-Paula Kajala

Tanzanian bongo flava artist Rayvanny has rescued his dear baby mama Fahyvanny after an Instagram spat with his ex Fridah Kajala’s daughter Paula Kajala.

Rayvanny was featured on the Kajalas’ mother-daughter reality show, Behind the Gram, which sparked a reaction from his Fahyvanny.

To her, Paula was being disrespectful to her family and she fired back saying that Fahyvanny should have tamed her man since he showed up where she was and even agreed to be shot.

Paula then released screenshots of the filmed clip, claiming that Rayvanny had been with both of them before she broke it off.

Their bitter exchange prompted a response from Rayvanny, who defended her lover, saying: “Yoooh! Respect my wife and follow the advice she gave you. Her husband should not be mentioned”.

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Like a dagger in Paula’s heart, the young socialite shot back, “You should have just kept quiet…your image would not have been used, yet you filled up your car and came to where I was drunk. You don’t remember now, do you? Keep quiet and do not look for trouble from me, for I will not relent”.

In a quick retort, the Mapopo hitmaker said, “Little girl, biggest mouth in the world. I have a lot to say but I cannot argue with you. Please don’t use my image.”

Not done in the war of words, Paula responded, “I regret meeting and knowing you because you have made the whole world see me as a whore and a bad person. I wish I had remained a virgin. You let the world abuse me because of your stupidity. You let them think that I ‘stole’ you, but you are the one who followed me. When you say that your image should not be used, did you think of that when you played with me? Leave me alone.”

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