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Bien Aime defends his wife for chasing off fan grinding on him

By Winnie Mabel January 31st, 2023 2 min read

Many people have lists of celebs they would love to meet and hang out with, maybe down a drink or two, or just pick their brains on various topics.

When this opportunity arises, the brain often shuts down and goes into a fan love frenzy where screaming, shock, adoration, and possibly lust compete for the driver’s seat.

Such an instance probably happened when one lass met Bien Aime, one-fourth of the famed Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol, at an event where he was set to perform, and she went into overdrive.

From behind him, the lass ground and twerked on him as he faced the stage, seeming about to go up and perform before she began dancing on him.

While this fan was having the time of her life- and Bien was laughing and smiling indulgently before he moved a step forward, his girlfriend, Chiki, would have none of it.

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In the same video, Chiki could be seen walking towards the duo and chasing the girl away with a shove before she returned in Bien’s direction. It was at this point that an event security officer intervened.

Chiki’s behavior caused mixed reactions on social media as some wondered where the line should be drawn between being his girlfriend and his manager and letting Bien interact with fans (maybe not in this fan’s manner).

Speaking to Ankali Ray from Milele FM after the incident, Bien defended his girlfriend, saying she was doing her job.

“Chiki was just working. She is my manager so she acted in her capacity as a manager. Don’t look at that incident and see it as my wife being extra. She was my manager at that point,” said Bien, adding that there was no jealousy on Chiki’s part involved in that incident.

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He continued, “She was supposed to make sure that I had no distractions before I went on stage. I had to be focused and that girl was a distraction, so I moved in front politely and Chiki and the security handled the girl.”

He also said no one had wronged anyone in that event and recognized that the fan had been happy. She was drunk and just having fun.

He also said he didn’t remember the incident and only noticed it when he saw the video later. He also clarified that there were no hard feelings between him and Chiki over the incident; they were working together to make money and bring the bread home.

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