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Andrew Kibe: Why I quit my radio job at Kiss FM

By Beth Nyambura January 31st, 2023 2 min read

Content creator Andrew Kibe has explained why he quit Kiss FM.

Through his Instagram page, the controversial content creator shared a video of being surrounded by women while in the studio, revealing that women made him quit radio.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro joined Kiss FM in June 2019.

He later quit the station a year after without revealing much. According to Kibe, the working condition and being with women became toxic for him.

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He said he had started behaving and acting like a woman since he was always in their company.

“When I was in the radio, I used to feel like my masculinity was running away. It is like I was losing my manhood,” he said.

Kibe alleged that men tend to pick women’s behavior more when they stay together.

“When you live with women, you start feeling like and acting like a woman. Women don’t change but you as a man start flowing into women’s plans.”

Kibe used to hang out with his co-host Kamene most of the time when they worked together.

He said he decided to quit to find himself as he was losing himself.

“I was hanging out with women all the time and I asked myself what kind of energy am I allowing in my life?” he stated.

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“I was like I am dying and losing myself. I woke up one day and said no, this is too much noise, and that is how I sent a resignation letter and said I could not do more of that. When I left, I started thinking about myself, but I was a mess.”

In a recent interview with bloggers, Kamene said that Kibe thought she would also have quit then.
Kamene said that Kibe created a beef that never existed, and she doesn’t understand why he dragged her in the mad on his podcasts.

She said her fallout with Kibe was due to his constant attacks and him dragging her name for YouTube views.

“I have never reached out to him…I have this policy in life, I have nothing to respond to him about, I have no intention of reaching out to him.”

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