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Blame yourself! Motif The Don tells ‘broke’ Magix Enga

By Rajab Zawadi November 26th, 2023 2 min read

As music producer Magix Enga, brains behind a number of hits such as Dundaing, Watoto na Pombe and Wembe, continues to struggle financially, his counterpart producer Motif The Don says, his colleague has only himself to blame.

Known for his supposed arrogance and misdemeanour while at the top of his game, Motif the Don Magix Enga’s fall from grace to grass was unexpected.

The last two years have been difficult for the producer after a number of top celebrities who were his clients stopped working with him.

It’s reported that Magix Enga had personal issues that led him to lose focus of his music and before he knew it, he had hit rock bottom.

His attempts to make a comeback have so far not bore fruits with the producer coming out to confess that he is broke, appealing to the public to bail him out.

Whereas his sorry state has been evoking mixed reactions, with some quarters showing sympathy and others mocking him, fellow producer Motif feels Magix only has himself to blame.

In his rants, Magix has repeatedly accused renowned musicians such as Otile Brown, and ArrowBowy of exploiting him by leaving him without royalties from the many hit songs he produced for them.

“It’s sad what he is going through but he only has himself to blame. He keeps saying he isn’t getting any royalties from the songs he produced. What did he expect? Had he signed contracts with these artists before producing those songs, he wouldn’t be going through what he is now. Once you produce a song with an artiste without having a bidding agreement, they are gone and you won’t have a case. I hope he will be smart in his next project because he is still young and I’m sure he will still find opportunities,” Motif says.
In a past interview, Magix confessed that for most of the songs, he never had a binding agreement with artists rather than a gentleman’s agreement because he believed they would never desert him in his hour of need as they were his ‘friends’.

The situation is so bad that he has been forced to send his wife and child to live with his mother-in-law because he is unable to provide for them, as he tries to find solutions.

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