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Boastful actress Mishi Dorah still behind bars over unpaid Sh152k drinks bill

Former Nairobi Diaries cast member Mishi Dorah is still languishing in jail, more than two weeks after she was charged in court for failure to settle a huge bill she accumulated on expensive drinks at an entertainment joint in Nairobi.

The actress-cum-socialite, who is famous for posting huge alcohol bills on social media, was on June 3 arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts for failing to pay a Sh152,550 bill at Golden Ice Bistro in Nairobi on the night of May 26 and the morning of May 27.

The court was told how the accused, whose real name is born Dianah Clara Ojenge, was served with two chicken breasts valued at Sh3, 000, one cocktail valued at Sh2000, two bottles of 300ml soda valued at Sh500, a one litre bottle of drinking water valued at Sh400 and three bottles of an energy drink valued at Sh1,650.

The accused is also reported to have ordered six bottles of Bellaire Luxe 750ml valued at Sh75,000and seven Hennessey VS 750ml valued at Sh70,000 which she took with a group of friends by falsely pretending that she would pay a fact she knew to be false.

She was granted a Sh100,000 bond with an alternative cash bail of Sh50,000, but two weeks down the line she is yet to secure her freedom.

Her predicament has attracted the attention of her fellow cast member on Nairobi Diaries, Stacy Vugusta aka Pendo, who is now appealing to her fans to help her raise money to bail out Mishi.

Actress Diana Clara Ojenge aka Mishi Dorah. Right: A receipt of alcohol bill that she once shared on social media. PHOTO | COURTESY

Pendo made the appeal in a post on social media under the hashtag, #FreeMishiDora.

Interestingly, Pendo herself was in a similar situation in 2020 when she arraigned in a Mombasa court for failing to pay a Sh208,000 hotel bill.

Apparently, Pendo accumulated a bill of Sh330,000 at the luxurious English Point Marina hotel in Mombasa but only settled Sh145,000 with a promise to clear the balance of Sh208,000 within two weeks. But the hotel management declined to accept her offer and instead detained her at the facility while demanding full payment.

The two-week period elapsed without Pendo paying the remaining amount even as the bill continued accumulating. The management then decided to report her to the police and she was arrested and arraigned in court.

She is said to have checked into the hotel in the company of an unidentified man believed to be her lover. The two spend a few days together at the high-end hotel before the man allegedly abandoned her.

She denied the charges in court and was subsequently released on a cash bail of Sh35,000 with an alternative of Sh100,000 bond. The court gave her six months to clear the bill.