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Boxing icon Conjestina Achieng readmitted to rehab

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has once again come to the rescue of former Kenyan boxer Conjestina Achieng.

This comes after it was reported that the former boxer had stopped taking her medication, which was threatening her condition as she was on the verge of falling back into depression.

According to Sonko, Conjestina has been readmitted to a rehab centre in Mombasa County, and it was his final effort to save her.

“Even though our chances in Conjestina’s healing journey were watered down, I’m a person who doesn’t give up in life. It is for this reason that we have given Conjestina the third and last chance again on her case,” Sonko said in a post on social media.

He said that Conjestina will start her treatment afresh under the care of a group of specialists, including counsellors, consultants and physiatrists in Mombasa Women’s Hospital.

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Recently, Sonko was forced to come out and clear the air on the allegations that he had abandoned Conjestina.

According to Sonko, he was doing his best to restore Conjestina to her initial state, a process that was costing him a lot of money.

“Kenyans, I did my best to help Conjee, but her family watered down my efforts. Fortunately, my heart is bigger than myself. At times, I fail to control it for the love I have for the people, especially the less fortunate, and I think this is the reason I initially gave Conjee the first, second, and now may be I will be forced to give a third and final chance again because I’m always serious with all the cases we undertake and since we always document and account for the progress of all our sensitive cases.”

According to one of the family members, Conjestina was supposed to be taken to the neighbouring country of Uganda, where a certain preacher was supposed to pray for her condition. Still, the facilitation became a challenge to them.

Last year, Conjestina was seen recovering well to the extent that Sonko promised that she would be part of his security team manning his businesses. How she ended up at their rural home is yet to be known.