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Bungoma’s ‘James Bond’ immortalized in a video game

The Bungoma man who rose to fame after hanging on a moving chopper has now been immortalized in a video game.

Mr Saleh Wanjala had hanged on a chopper that had delivered the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma as it flew away from Bungoma’s Posta grounds in May.

A video game making company, Awesome Graphics and Mesmerize Games, has now released a video game version of the incident.

Dubbed Bungoma Hangman, the game takes users on a similar stunt of hanging on a helicopter’s tabular landing skids like Mr Wanjala. The game was released earlier this week.


Users accumulate points the longer they hang onto the chopper while avoiding airborne objects that could halt the ride like birds.

Users can boost their strength to hang longer by crashing into foods like a plate of ugali, a bunch of sukumawiki or a piece of chicken.

“Join the Bungoma Hangman in his epic adventure as he pulls the biggest stunt in Kenya. How far can you go without crashing?” the games tag line reads.

The game is available for android users on Google Playstore.