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Celebs come to Azziad’s defense against Nyako controversial remarks

Controversial content creator Nyako has stirred a social media storm after launching scathing attacks on fellow TikToker Azziad Nasenya, accusing her of having excessive pride and not making it in life.

During her latest TikTok live session, the Germany-based Nyako asserted that Azziad’s perceived success is merely an illusion.

To avoid amplifing her cyberbullying Nairobi News will not publish her utterances. However, these comments didn’t sit well with many netizens, who accused Nyako of being overly negative and bringing others down.

Several comments on social media criticised Nyako’s judgment and perceived negativity.


User @prittyvishy commented, “Says a woman who stays live 24 hours to borrow people money.”

Pascal Tokodi defended Azziad, saying, “Hana kiburi.”

User @mercy.w.kamau1 remarked, “This pride will bring you down. Stop pulling other people down.”

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User @sirr_wildheart expressed, “Nyako is coming off as a hurt bully taking out and projecting her failures onto people. She wishes she would be in Akothee, Sue Gacambi, and Azziad’s place but is trapped in a Western country and in true Kenyan fashion has debts, behaving like a mirror of the Kenyan government.”

Nyako has a history of online conflicts with other celebrities.

The recent rift with Azziad Nasenya follows a previous altercation where Nyako challenged singer Akothee to a verbal showdown on TikTok, citing perceived shade thrown her way.

In a past encounter with bullies, Azziad said she is no longer affected by angry people.

“People are mad. So it’s fine, it’s okay to be mad. But I always say, if you are mad, project it on me. At the end of the day, you have blocked your own blessings. So, let your small anger not hinder your own blessings. But hey, it’s life. Not everyone is going to love you. Move with the ones who love you.”

Reflecting on her frequent trending status, Azziad explained, “It’s life. I trend almost every other month. I just live. Nothing changes.”