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‘I am a small girl with a big God!’ Azziad Nasenya on rising above trolls – Exclusive

Azziad Nasenya, the rising star of Kenyan content creation, has been in the spotlight for her unique approach to brand advancement and creative content.

However, with fame comes a fair share of cyberbullying and trolls. In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Azziad shares her experiences dealing with online negativity.

“Funny thing, I never knew trolls existed. I never knew there was something like bullying online or trolls or somebody who’s just going to sit at home and be angry at the world. I never knew it existed till 2020,” she said candidly.

The TikTok video that went viral, Utawezana, became a turning point, drawing the attention of online bullies. Azziad’s response to the negativity? “I just danced, and now people are mad. Okay!”

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Despite the challenges, Azziad maintains strong faith and belief in a higher power.

“I am a small girl with a big God,” stressing that when you mess with her, you are messing with the Mighty One.

For her, God plays a significant role in her life and success. She credits her achievements to divine guidance and support.

“Without God, I wouldn’t even be here. Without God, I wouldn’t be Azziad,” she emphasized.

Azziad’s unwavering faith and connection with God have been vital in her journey. She recognizes that everyone’s relationship with God is unique and personal.

“I have been talking to God ever since I was a child, and He has shown up. He’s proven that he will be there. He’s held my hand. And I’m so grateful for that,” she affirmed, recounting the numerous times when her prayers were answered, and she felt the presence of a higher power.

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Adding, “I saw somebody the other day making fun, ‘Ukimuuliza atasema ni God. (If you ask, they will say it is God)’. I’m like, you laugh. At the end of the day, it is the truth. And I always say this, my God has always come through for me. And it is important to know what relationship you have with your God. How do you talk to your God? Which kind of relationship do you have with your God? So I’m grateful. I always say you cannot fight with my God. You can’t. So yeah. Small girl, big God.”

To aspiring content creators seeking fame and recognition, Azziad offers words of wisdom.

“There’s enough space for all of us to shine. Pray to God, work hard, be consistent, and practice patience,” she advised.

Content creation is a journey that requires perseverance and dedication. Success may not come overnight, but one can achieve their goals with faith and determination.

In the world of online stardom, Azziad Nasenya stands tall, unyielding to the pressures of trolls and negativity.

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