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City bodabodas to hold demo over harassment

Bodabodas in the city are planning to hold a demo to protest police harassment.

The operators said reporting incidents of harassment to higher authorities in the police force has been futile.

Parklands Road, Nyayo stadium roundabout, City mortuary and Muthurwa are among spots they cited as most notorious for police harassment.

County Riders Welfare Association (CRWA) chairman Kenneth Onyango claimed traffic officers usually make random arrests and impose charges that are nonexistent.

He claimed incidents of operators being arrested on roundabouts while waiting for the way to open are on the increase.

“Then if the operator fails to bribe the officer and is taken to the police station, charges of obstruction are read to him. This is so unfair,” said Mr Onyango.

He also chided the use of breakdowns to tow motorbikes from scenes of crime, even in cases where a police station is a walking distance away.

“This practice is rife at Parklands Police station area and we see this as a way of making money from us the operators,” he said.