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Comedian Njugush opens up about the contrast of being an introverted celebrity

Renowned comedian and digital content creator Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush has in a recent interview made a surprising revelation about his true nature – he’s an introvert.

This revelation has left his fans in doubt seeing as he has always been outgoing, with many questioning whether introversion is the secret to maintaining one’s sanity and peace of mind in the world of fame and scrutiny.

Njugush, a father of two, disclosed that despite his public persona, he is, in fact, incredibly introverted. He emphasized, “I’m so introverted, so introverted. Most times you will find me alone or just with family.” He further explained that retreating from the limelight and spending time with loved ones is his way of rejuvenating and detoxing from the toxicity of the universe.

His ability to protect his personal space and remain grounded, even after years in front of the camera, has intrigued many. It raises the question of whether introversion is a quality that public figures should embrace more openly.

Njugush also shared his coping mechanisms for dealing with negativity and caring for his mental health in an industry where his life is constantly under scrutiny. He admitted that he often spends time alone and goes on long drives to find solace. He believes that creating a protective shield around himself is crucial to safeguard his mental well-being.

“I usually stay alone and also go for long drives occasionally but also it is all about shielding myself,” Njugush shared.

The comedian went on to describe how external opinions and criticisms can affect him, even though he’s known for his sense of humor. “You know, sometimes a person can be like, ‘the comedy you are doing isn’t funny/these days it is lame,’ or another person comes up to you and says, ‘why have you started including your wife in your skits?’ and it is not as if it is something new or that they haven’t been seeing her on set.”

Njugush firmly believes that taking time off with loved ones is crucial for maintaining one’s sense of purpose and motivation. He openly declared, “For me, I enjoy time with my wife and kids; seeing them reminds me why I do the things I do. You’ll need time off with your personal people to remind you why you do what you do. For me, Celestine (his wife, also known as Wakavinye) is it for me!”

Njugush’s introverted nature continues to unfold, challenging the way we perceive and support public figures in today’s society.

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