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Cooking for my hubby: Sue Owino wins praises from Cebbie Koks

Content creator Sue Owino, whose content revolves around cooking for her husband and homemaking, has won praises from singer Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks.

The TikToker’s fame grew after videos of her cooking for her man went viral.

“In the spirit of my husband by Sue Owino I tried. My husband morning, lunch and evening. On day two nilianguka punglu! Wachana na hii mambo ya content creators mtu anaweza kuf dead mbaya sana,” Cebbie wrote.

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“I am okay with the basics! Kila mtu akae tu ville anataka. Big up to that woman. Her content is clean and beautiful. Again we should have someone else with ‘my wife what have you bought for your wife’ kinda content. We already have lots of magazines on ‘how to make a man happy’ and mostly they are pro making men happy. We need pro making women happy. ‘What have you cooked for your wife after work?,” Cebbie added.

While Cebbie’s comments may be almost flattering, Sue has had moments when she has been criticised in the same measure as she has been celebrated.

The TikToker has in the past shared videos of how she wakes up earlier than her husband to prep him for work and even asks women why they do not do the same for their men. Further, she has advised her fellow women to take good care of their men.

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While some debate that in this modern day there is only a handful of women can do that to their men, others, especially men, praise her upbringing saying her parents taught her well.

On the flip side, kamati ya roho chafu believes that Sue is gearing her hubby up for cheating.

Although her content is based on one’s perspective, from the look of it, Sue enjoys making her man home-cooked meals, trying new recipes and even ensuring her man is well-groomed.

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