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Couple arrested for allegedly beating their toddler to death in Kayole

Police in Kayole, Nairobi, have initiated a thorough investigation and detained a couple following allegations that they fatally beat their two-year-old child.

The tragic incident unfolded on Monday (September 2) evening when the parents purportedly resorted to violence after the child refused to eat.

According to law enforcement authorities, the child was swiftly taken to a nearby clinic and later referred to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

Tragically, the child succumbed to her injuries before reaching the hospital. Upon arriving at the scene, police noted visible bruises on the young girl’s body.

The woman involved is reportedly the child’s stepmother, and neighbors claim that this is not the first instance of her allegedly subjecting the child to physical abuse.

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The couple has been placed in custody while the police launch a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the exact cause of the child’s death.

This heartbreaking incident in Kayole bears a grim resemblance to a previous case in May 2023 when two suspects were arrested in connection with the gruesome murder of a 39-year-old man in the same area.

Richard Ondieki’s remains were discovered with his head and arms severed from the rest of his body, which remains missing.

The suspects, including the deceased’s wife and her alleged lover, were suspected of hacking and dismembering the father of two.

Ondieki had gone missing on April 14, and a day later, parts of his body, including his head and arms, were found dumped in a sewage area just two kilometers from Saika in Kayole, where he resided.

The wife claimed that he had packed his belongings and left to live with his lover, and this marked the last time he was seen.

Police at the time revealed that the two men had a history of disputes and confrontations related to the deceased’s wife.

Further investigations included examining the man’s trousers, pillowcase, and bedsheets, all of which showed signs of blood and were submitted for additional testing.

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