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Octopizzo: Why I never perform in night clubs

Renowned Kenyan rapper Octopizzo has provided insight into why he has never performed in nightclubs during his music career, spanning over 15 years.

While many artists have leveraged club performances to supplement their income, Octopizzo has intentionally steered clear of this avenue.

The Kibera-born rapper shed light on his choice, citing his introverted nature as one of the primary reasons. He revealed, “I’m introverted to begin with, which probably explains why I don’t hang out with fellow artists. It’s also why I haven’t performed in clubs throughout my music career. People might think I don’t get club shows, but the truth is I do, but I choose not to perform in a club.”

Addressing his temporary absence from the music scene, Octopizzo clarified that he has been working on an ambitious project aimed at nurturing and supporting emerging talents from Kibera, a project he has dubbed “VOK.”

Under this initiative, Octopizzo and his team have already recorded 20 songs from different artists from Kibera, which are slated for release in the form of two albums.

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The rapper also took the opportunity to clarify widespread reports regarding his relationship with legendary DJ Pinye.

Contrary to claims of mentoring, Octopizzo explained, “I want to clarify this: DJ Pinye didn’t mentor me. What happened is that I rapped so hard in street cypher battles that Pinye came looking for me. He found me at a show at Sarakasi Dorm. What Pinye did was give me guidance on what is supposed to be done, exactly what I’m now doing with these up-and-coming artists from Kibera.”

Octopizzo emphasized that what DJ Pinye provided him was an opportunity rather than mentorship.

“When he met me, I had recorded songs but didn’t have videos. He offered guidance on the kind of videos I should shoot and promised to play them on TV. I saw an opportunity I never had. I had songs but didn’t have the platform; that’s what Pinye offered me, but he didn’t mentor me,” Octo added.

With his VOK project, which aims to shine a spotlight on unknown talented artists from his neighborhood, Octopizzo revealed that the ultimate goal is financial success.

He encouraged the budding artists, saying, “I have told them so many times, if you try music and it doesn’t make you money, then what’s the point? You are better off doing something else.”

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