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Cult leader Paul Mackenzie dropped out of school didn’t study theology, family says

The family of Mr Paul Mackenzie, the cult leader suspected to behind the mass deaths of his followers in Shakahola village in Kilifi, has now come out to defend the beleaguered preacher of any wrongdoing.

Mr Robert Mackenzie, the young brother to the cult leader, has also said they were brought up well and there is no way his brother could murder anyone.

Robert Mackenzie also said in 2019 the cult leader informed him that he no longer received any word from God as he used to be the case.

He further revealed that his brother dropped out of school while he was in Form Four and never studied theology.

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At the same time, he dismissed reports in the media to the effect that his brother should be answerable over claims of radicalising his congregants to starve to death in order to meet Jesus.

“My brother has never forced me or anyone not to take their children to school or even stop going to hospital. If anyone stopped taking their children to school then they should be answerable and not Mackenzie,” Mr Robert Mackenzie told Citizen TV in an interview.

He also claimed said his brother had stopped spreading the gospel and ventured into farming.

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He further revealed that for years his brother was a taxi driver within the Coastal region until he made a decision to start preaching the gospel.

Mr Robert Mackenzie said his brother joined three different churches but was sent away from all of them.

It is then that he started his own church known as Good News International Church in 2003.

The death toll of members of Mackenzie’s cult presently stands at 90, with the authorities convinced that the number could be much higher.

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