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Curious Edo bridal tradition of siting on father-in-law and groom 7 times

By Freya Wanjiku October 10th, 2023 2 min read

Over the weekend, a viral video of a bride from the Edo culture sitting on the laps of her father-in-law and soon-to-be husband seven times got tongues wagging with many shocked by tradition.

While a good number sexualized the whole ordeal, saying unpublishable words as a result. However, according to the culture, during the wedding, the groom’s name is then called out by a member of the bride’s family.

This happens about six times, but he is not expected to respond. He only responds the seventh time, because this time it is the bride’s father who calls him.

He admonishes the groom to take care of his daughter as he gives her out. He then asks his daughter for the last time if this is the man she wants to marry.

She responds with a “yes” as her father reminds her that she no longer has a room in the house to return to.

The bride’s father then leads her to the groom’s father and puts her on the groom’s father’s lap seven times. The groom’s father then rises and places the bride on the lap of his son, who is seated next to him.

This means that now the groom’s father is expected to care for her as if she were his own daughter. The bride’s family also advises the groom’s mother to follow suit and treat her with similar care. Their union is sealed by this action.

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After that, the couple feeds each other first with a bit of sugar and honey. Then they both take a bite from bitter kola. This is symbolic of teaching the couple their first lesson about marriage; it is both sweet and bitter.

The couple is then prayed for. The father of the bride then takes a small portion of the money that was presented with the other list items. He refunds the remaining amount of money, instructing the groom to take care of his daughter with it.

The groom then presents a bottle of drink to his parents-in-law as a sign of gratitude for giving him their daughter. The couple then dances out with members of their family to meet the waiting guests outside.

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