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Signs of a useless boyfriend, according to Anerlisa Muigai

Nero Water Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai has shared what she believes are the signs of a useless boyfriend. Anerlisa, who has had to deal with a few character development incidents, has shared the glaring signs that she considers to be red flags.

In a post on her Instagram stories, Anerlisa revealed the key indicators to her are enough proof that the boyfriend is 100 per cent “useless”.

“Saggy pants, earrings, lip licking, empty wallet, very active on social media, always available and always likes every woman’s post or picture. Useless 100%,” she said.

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Anerlisa previously said that she would dump a man who had bad cooking habits. She made the revelations while commenting on an Instagram story by a user who was seen closing several kitchen cupboards and drawers, turning on the dishwasher, turning off the overhead counter lights, closing condiment jars and putting away several dirty dishes when she “came into the kitchen after her husband had made a sandwich.”

“I cannot tolerate this nonsense. No excuses. You have to clean up. They hate it when I make these rules in the house. Most of them can’t take it for a year, so I show them the door. That’s just me, sorry. I understand there is a housekeeper, but I am the only one who has postponed the rule. If you are the last one out of bed, you have to do it,” Anerlisa said.

Following on from her relationship advice, Anerlisa has in the past urged her fans not to settle for less when looking for a partner.

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This new wave of wisdom nuggets comes after she healed from her messy divorce from former husband, Tanzanian artiste Ben Pol. In her takeaways, she emphasises the importance of being selective and prioritising your own needs.

“The beauty of being healed and happy is that you can be very selective about who you bring into your personal life, especially in relationships. A draining and toxic partner is the worst thing you can have around you… they make everything about you seem stuck,” she said.

Anerlisa also believes communication is key to drawing and setting boundaries for the kind of relationship you want.

“Sometimes you will realise that you don’t really want a formal relationship, you just need a male or female companion to communicate with or accompany you. Make it clear that your friendship is not sexual. There are people like that,” she said.

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