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DJ Fatxo contemplating quitting music

Prominent Mugiithi artiste, DJ Fatxo, has said he is contemplating quitting music threats from certain fans who are blaming him for the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

In an interview with a local online platform DJ Fatxo opened up about the immense pressure and challenges he has faced due to the false accusations.

The artiste revealed that the situation had taken a toll on his personal life, with some friends deserting him amidst his troubles.

However, he acknowledged the unwavering support of others who stood by him during the difficult time.

Moreover, club investors have reached out to DJ Fatxo and his family, expressing concern and offering assistance.

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“I have only been singing for two years. If my battle ends by not singing, I am a lion and I will not give up,” stated Fatxo.

He vehemently denied any involvement in the tragic death and asserted that the accusations were merely a fight against his talent.

Referring to his multifaceted skills, he emphasized that he is a professional DJ who could easily return to that field.

The artiste stressed he does many other things and does not solely rely on his music career.

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“A man shall not live by bread alone. It is not a must for me to continue singing. I am a professional DJ and I can get back there am a football commentator, I am a news anchor, I am a fashion designer and I am a fashion designer. I can do a lot of things. I am also a businessman and I can always settle and do that. You don’t have to do the obvious things people know you for. About my comeback I might do it through so many other ways,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of not succumbing to societal expectations and indicated that he might make a return in unconventional ways.

DJ Fatxo also made it clear that should he quit music returning to the limelight was not a necessity for him.

“It is also not a must for me to come back to the limelight. People are so fake out here,” he said.

He compared the situation to politics, where people may not necessarily elect leaders, but rather seek to remove them, despite being the same individuals who put them in power.

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