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Akothee: Heartbreaks are for teenagers, I’m past that!

Renowned singer Akothee has been resolute in her stance, firmly dispelling speculations and rumors circulating on social media that she is prone to getting dumped.

The accomplished artist, who recently announced her separation from her Swiss husband, Denis Schweizer has declared that she has outgrown the experience of heartbreak.

In a candid post, Akothee offered insight into her journey of self-discovery and personal growth, highlighting that she no longer succumbs to the emotional turmoil associated with heartbreak.

“Sorry if you see me do things I was supposed to do when I was in my twenties. Just remember that I spent all my childhood being a full-time jobless parent, stepping up and playing the roles of both a father and mother to my three daughters,” she candidly shared.

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She continued, “I spent all my thirties relentlessly chasing after financial stability, and now, in my forties, I am starting a new chapter in my life. If you ask me how old I am, sweetheart, I am twenty at heart and in body, with the mindset of a mature and intelligent forty-year-old woman who knows exactly what she wants in life.”

Akothee, who has effectively navigated the challenges of single motherhood, reflected on the evolution of her emotional resilience.

She drew a sharp distinction between disappointments and heartbreaks, asserting:

“Being a single mother taught me how to differentiate between disappointments and heartbreaks.”

Akothee challenged the notion of enduring multiple heartbreaks, rhetorically asking:

“We no longer get heartbroken. How many hearts do you have? After all the character development you’ve been through, do you still have a heart to be broken?”

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She urged others to focus on self-improvement and financial independence

Wacha zako wewe tafuta pesa ndio uelewe hii maneno. Ni njaaaaa ama emotions. (Go make money so you can understand this. It’s about hunger or emotions.)”

Drawing from her personal experience, Akothee highlighted the resilience of single mothers, noting that the heartbreaks they endure are fundamentally distinct from those of others.

“Heartbreak ya single mothers: kama hajazaa na wewe mtoto haipitii (if she doesn’t have a child with you, it will last less than) 3 weeks. Unless you are the breadwinner, huyo atakua analilia mkate (she will mourn over the bread), rent, and the good life you offered.”

The artist concluded:

Umewahi kuwachwa na watoto watatu kwa mataa, huna kazi, wala masomo? Wewe hujawahi ishiwa nguvu mpaka ya kusikia ukiitwa? Masikio yako imewahi kata kusikia jina lako? (Have you ever been abandoned with three children at the traffic lights, with no job or education? Have you ever felt so powerless that you cannot even hear when you are being called? Has your ears ever stopped hearing your own name?)

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