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Damu kila mahali! Mukumu Girls parent shares daughter’s ‘painful’ death

The mother of a Mukumu Girls High School student who recently died after an ailment at the school has shared how her daughter died a painful death.

The parent, while addressing a gathering during her daughter’s funeral, said postmortem results revealed blood clots in her daughter’s intestines.

It was her first time witnessing the exercise and she wanted to know what killed her promising daughter.

“I saw everything from the head to the stomach to the brain, every part was still being divided when I was witnessing,” she said.

She said that it took her courage to withstand the entire process and that its God’s strength that kept her going.

“My daughter had a lot of issues in the intestines. Intestine ilikua in a pool of blood. Ukiangalia esophagus was corrosive, something passed which was not right.”

The mother said that the pathologist told them that the cause of such damage in the internal body organs was due to something that she consumed, which had strong chemicals.

“The doctor said the deceased likely used a very strong chemical that caused the death.”

She said that the wait for the cause of her daughter’s death will be known once Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) releases the report of its findings after taking the samples for test.

“The investigations are still going on and even when they will be over and get the exact cause of the death of my daughter, it will not bring her back.”

This comes as the number of deaths from the school stood at four following the recent death of the school boarding mistress.

Ms Juliana Mujema succumbed to complications at LifeCare Specialty Hospital in Eldoret where she was admitted in critical condition on Wednesday.

According to her brother Amos Ngira, the teacher was referred to Lifecare after being admitted to two other hospitals in Kakamega due to kidney and liver problems.

“Initially, my sister was suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting but the situation kept on deteriorating. She was placed in ICU at Oasis Hospital before she was transferred to Eldoret,” said Mr Ngira.

The school remains closed as local leaders call for proper investigations and a surety to the parents that their daughters will be safe before reopening the school.

In his assessment, Kakamega Senator Bony Khalwale said that the school’s food storage facility is in poor condition.

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