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Dead bird that has gotten the attention of police

By Amina Wako November 13th, 2020 1 min read

A dead weaver bird bearing a number plate tagged on its right leg has been discovered at Muthingini village in Makueni.

The bird was found dead with a plate with the tag “Museum Nairobi 39536” hanging on its leg.

According to a police report filed at Mtito Andei police station, the body of the bird was found by Daniel Mulinge who reported the matter after noticing the aluminium plate on is leg.

Mulinge reported the matter at Nthongoni police station before the officer in charge forwarded the case to Mtito Andei Police Station.

Police in Mtito Andei later informed officials from the Kenya Wildlife Service, Mtito Andei of the incident.

The body of the weaver bird was later safely kept at the armoury waiting to be collected by the KWS and Museums Society of Kenya officials.

The cause of the special bird’s death could not be immediately established.