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Dennis Ombachi on inspiration behind his brand name ‘Roaming Chef’

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 28th, 2023 2 min read

Former Kenya 7s rugby player, Dennis Ombachi, has shared the intriguing backstory behind the creation of his brand, “The Roaming Chef.”

Through his X platform, Ombachi revealed that before gaining fame, he used to embark on a unique culinary adventure, moving from one household to another, serving up delicious meals to clients.

“Just before Covid, I was moving from house to house, cooking for clients, hence the name ‘Roaming Chef,’ and I really enjoyed myself. I learned a lot and made some amazing connections,” he said.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted Ombachi to pivot his career trajectory.

During this challenging period, he ventured into the world of selling chili sauces and embraced content creation, primarily from the vantage point of his balcony.

He hasn’t looked back since, and he remains resolute about the future, expressing gratitude to his supporters for their unwavering encouragement over the years.

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“Covid made me start selling chilli sauces and introduced me to content creation from the balcony and I have never looked back. Not sure what the future holds for me but I am just getting started and I wanna thank you all for the endless support through the years .”

Ombachi’s passion for food was ignited during his time as a professional rugby player, touring approximately 18 countries each year as part of the HSBC circuit.

This experience exposed him to diverse cultures, languages, and, notably, cuisines, which served as a wellspring of inspiration for his culinary journey.

Reflecting on this connection between his love for food and his rugby career, Ombachi stated:

“My love of food is intertwined with playing rugby because it started when playing the HSBC legs. You tour close to 18 countries a year, and all these countries have their own culture, languages, and food. We used to eat different kinds of foods.”

Upon returning home, Ombachi was motivated to challenge himself by attempting to recreate some of the tantalizing dishes he had encountered during his rugby travels.

In January 2023, Ombachi achieved the title of Sub-Saharan Africa’s premier TikTok content creator, bestowed upon him during the TikTok Top Creators Awards.

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