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Diamond and Zuchu’s public display of affection confuses fans

By Neema Amani October 9th, 2023 2 min read

Speculation surrounding the status of Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s relationship has been emphatically denied by the two artists, leaving fans confused.

The power couple put those rumours to rest with a public display of affection at a pre-party event in Iringa, Tanzania, held on Friday, October 6, just before their joint performance on Saturday.

Diamond Platnumz, during the pre-party event, took center stage and called Zuchu to join him after cutting a celebratory cake.

In a display of intimacy, Diamond fed Zuchu a piece of cake using his tongue, an act that garnered cheers from the event attendees.

Recent rumors about their relationship were fueled when Zuchu responded to a fan’s query regarding her feelings towards Kenyan artist Tanasha Donna, who had sent extravagant gifts to Mama Diamond Platnumz.

Zuchu’s response, “Sio bwanangu” (He’s not my husband), initially raised eyebrows and led some to believe that the couple had parted ways.

However, Zuchu clarified her relationship status, stating that she had been single for some time. She remarked, “Been single for some time now. So he is free to do whatever he wants.”

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This statement seemed to provide insight into her current relationship status, but it did not deter the couple from their recent public affectionate display.

Mama Diamond, on the other hand, recently pleaded with fans not to draw comparisons between herself and Zuchu.

She explained that she believed her grandson, rather than Tanasha Donna, had been the source of the extravagant gifts.

Addressing whether she had unfollowed Zuchu on social media, Mama Diamond stated, “Nishazoea mwanangu. Sijamua unfollow. Sasa nimu-unfollow kwa lipi? Wambea wa Insta wasiniletee mambo ya kitoto ya kizamani. Siko kwenye level hizo, mambo yangu ni ya kiutu uzima.”

Which translates to, “I’ve become accustomed to my child [Zuchu]. I haven’t decided to unfollow. Now, why would I unfollow her? Let the Insta gossipmongers not bring me childish matters from the past. I’m not at those levels; my concerns are mature.”

She further added, “Wasinigombanishe na mwanangu Zuchu. Wote wanangu jamani, wasiniingize kwenye mambo yao. (Let them not create conflicts between me and my child Zuchu. They are all my children, my goodness; don’t involve me in their matters),” expressing her desire to avoid being involved in any controversies and drama.

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