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Diamond Platnumz former signees expose each other online

By Beth Nyambura January 17th, 2023 2 min read

His former colleague at WCB Rayvanny has badly exposed Konde Gang CEO Harmonize.

According to Vanny Boy, Harmonize lives a fake life and most of the post cars and houses he showcases online are not his.

In a recent war of words, Rayvanny did not mince his words by even alleging that Harmonize is a drug addict.

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Harmonize at a past concert
Harmonize at a past concert with his security detail.

Their beef started after Harmonize dissed Rayvanny asking him to change the messages in his songs and stop promoting alcohol in his songs.

Wasani punguzeni nyimbo za pombe. Msidhani hii nchi kila mtu ni mlevi. Hata tuokunywanga Jumatatu hatunywi tukiskiliza nyimbo za pombe.

(Artistes from Tanzania, please go slow on singing about alcohol. Not everyone is alcoholic, and those who drink don’t even listen to such songs),” Harmonize shared.

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The statement didn’t sit well with Rayvanny, who fired back, saying Harmonize had tried to do such songs but terribly failed.

“Huna ngoma ya pombe iliowahi kuhit sasa utaongea nini kuhusu mawe ya pombe. Shut the f**k up,” Vanny Boy replied.

The fight has since escalated, with the two bragging about how rich they are.

Harmonize also alled that Rayvanny wanted him dead by leaking his naughty photos.

“Why do you hate me so bad? You made everyone see my private parts. You wanted me to kill myself but I’m still here. Don’t hate me. Come to my house I will show you how to make money to pay your label so that you can terminate your contract,” Harmonize alleged.

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Rayvanny responded alleging that Harmonize lives in a rented apartment and that all the cars he posts online are not his.

He said Harmonize is always riding on their former boss Diamond’s name to remain relevant.

Rayvanny also alleged that Harmonize does not have an office for his record label.

“Lemme be honest with you. You are not on my level musically and financially. Yani sio tuzo, sio hits, sio numbers, sio chochote, I’m your father. I’m too old for that. Unapost nyumba ya kupanga, range za mchongo sasa come to my own crib I teach you how to make money,” Rayvanny said.

Rayvanny and Harmonize were once ‘brothers’ at Wasafi record label.

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