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Diamond’s rumoured ex, Aaliyah, talks about her fallout with bestie Zuchu

By Sinda Matiko February 13th, 2024 2 min read

Popular Tanzania media personality Aaliyah Mohammed, has rubbished rumours that Diamond Platnumz is responsible for her fallout with one-time close friend Zuchu.

For ages, Aaliyah had been rumoured to have had a secret love affair with Diamond with reports stating that at some point the sassy presenter even moved in with the singer.

She has always denied ever being in an affair with her boss despite the persistent rumours which were emerging from Wasafi.

She maintained that she was an employee at Wasafi TV and also served as a presenter on Wasafi FM, thereby becoming the face of Wasafi Media.

But things appear to be different now since Zuchu was signed to Wasafi and went on to become the self-confessed Casanova’s favourite.

Aaliyah’s and Zuchu soon detached throwing their friendship into the wind and things have never been the same again ever since for them.

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However, according to Aaliyah, the reports are untrue as she maintains, that her friendship with Zuchu stalled because life happened.

“Diamond had nothing to do with our friendship deteriorating and Zuchu and I have never been enemies as it has been widely reported. Yes, we used to be very close and hang out together a lot but that isn’t the case now. You see not every person who comes into your life is meant to stay forever.” Aaliyah explained.

“The thing is life happened between us. When we were close we were still quite young and had a lot of time to spare. But then my career was beginning to take off and Zuchu was trying to discover herself in the entertainment world. She is now a star with a whole lot of things to do, and so do I, that means we don’t get the much free time we once had,” Aaliyah explains.

With the supposed fallout over Zuchu usurping her position as Diamond’s favourite, there were also reports that Aaliyah decided to quit her job at Wasafi and that’s the reason she hasn’t been seen for months hosting the several shows she did before at the media stable.

“Who said I left my job at Wasafi? No, I never left Wasafi I am still an employee. As to why I haven’t been seen as of late [on various shows], people shouldn’t be worried they will be seeing a lot of me again very soon. I am very much around; I haven’t left my job at Wasafi. I still got a contract with them,” she added.

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