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Gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa explains why men cheat

By Sinda Matiko February 13th, 2024 2 min read

Solomon Mkubwa, the gospel singer, has dished out relationship advice to the ladies.

He says that “men are childish.”Yes, you heard that right! According to Mkubwa, understanding this fundamental truth could be the secret sauce to dodging the drama of gender-based squabbles.

Jumping into the ongoing discussion about the alarming rise in femicide cases, the ‘Mungu Mwenye Nguvu’ chart-topper doesn’t shy away from condemning the brutal acts.

However, he also throws a curveball, suggesting that there’s more to the story.

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According to him, there are certain quirks about men that fly under the radar, possibly adding fuel to the fire in heated arguments between the sexes.

“You might not agree with me but women need to know men are born of three attributes. The first is glory, all men are born with the sense of a feeling they are kings so that means when I speak I need to be heard and sometimes not questioned or challenged. When you do, then we might have a problem,” Mkubwa explained.

The second attribute is childishness.

“Men are also born with some element of childishness, I have learnt this in marriage. When I married my wife, I would come home she would hug me, kiss me and we do our thing. But when we had our children, our love kind of faded a little because most of it now went to the child.”

Adding, “This is why if you don’t know God, most men start cheating. In a man’s world, he expects the same way you treat the child, he should be treated the same. He wants the same affection as that given to the child and in most cases that doesn’t happen thus most men will struggle to understand and there will be a problem because now you are competing with your child for the lady’s attention.”

The last element Solomon points out is cruelty. He says each man is born with some degree of cruelty and when pushed to the wall, those attributes come into play resulting in a calamity.