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Diamond’s sister Esma teams up with his rival Harmonize in new hit

The Tanzanian music scene is abuzz as Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, has announced a collaboration with Esma Platnumz, sister of Diamond Platnumz, on his new song ‘Say Yes’.

The song, which features DJ Seven, has Esma lending her voice to the chorus.

Harmonize, the CEO of Konde Music Worldwide, took to Instagram on Saturday to praise Esma’s contribution to the song.

“Eid Mubarak my people, the song @djsevenworldwide ft Single Boy & Esma #SAYYESS is out. Now I didn’t want to say this but I have to recognise the queen,” he wrote on Instagram.

He described her voice as beautiful and thanked her for her love and friendship.

“Thank you for pure love and friendship. God bless you,” he wrote.

Harmonize and Esma’s relationship has been in the news recently, as the two seem to be on good terms despite the ongoing rivalry between Harmonize and Esma’s brother, Diamond Platnumz. The animosity between the two artists has made headlines in the Bongo music industry.

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In February, a video of Esma enjoying Harmonize’s hit ‘Single Again’ went viral on social media. She was seen singing along and really enjoying the song. Harmonize reposted the video, thanking Esma for her support of his work, while pondering why single people often look more attractive.

“Do people look better when they are single,” Harmonize responded to Esma’s video.

The unexpected collaboration and public show of support between Esma Platnumz and Harmonize has surprised many, especially given the strained relationship between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz. It remains to be seen how this collaboration will affect the dynamics within the Bongo music industry and the relationship between the two rival artists.

The rift between the two artists began when Harmonize, once a protégé of Diamond Platnumz under his WCB Wasafi label, decided to part ways and form his own label, Konde Music Worldwide. This move sparked a series of disputes and public disagreements between the two Tanzanian stars.

Since then, the rivalry has intensified, with each artist trying to outdo the other with music releases and public statements. This competition has in some ways fuelled their careers, pushing them to produce chart-topping hits and cementing their status as leading figures in the bongo music scene.

The animosity between the two artists has also spilled over into their respective camps, with fans and industry insiders taking sides in the ongoing feud.

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