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Diana Marua ‘excited’ to celebrate birthday in hospital

By Freya Wanjiku November 5th, 2022 1 min read

Diana Marua celebrated her 33rd birthday in the hospital days after giving birth to her third child whom she’s named Malaika Bahati.

The content creator, who also is the wife of favourite musician Kelvin ‘Bahati’ Kioko, has described her week-old daughter as her birthday present.

“This is the best gift for my birthday. I can’t wait to leave the hospital so that we continue sharing this journey with you,” she said.

Marua who gave birth on Tuesday morning revealed that her baby’s due date (EDD) was meant to coincide with her birthday (5th of November).

While she had announced her delivery will be through a cesarean section like her previous two kids, a pubic symphysis diagnosis made a cesarean deliver her sole option, therefore she chose that route.

“I did not prefer to go for a C-section. What happened with my firstborn baby Heaven, I got a complication where my pelvic bones zilikuwa zinashikana and it got to a point where walking a small distance was very hard for me. I couldn’t even move from the bed to the bathroom,” she said in a past video.

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