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Gospel singer Mercy Masika reacts after tasting frogs in DR Congo

By Freya Wanjiku November 5th, 2022 1 min read

Kenyan gospel singer Mercy Masika has shocked netizens by sharing her frog-eating experience.

The award-winning singer who is touring the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) tried the dish, which is not common in Kenya, courtesy of her host.

Her friends dared her to try it out after ordering it and she was a bit skeptical before trying it out.

The visibly finger-licking delicacy got Mercy talking – as she shared the video with her fans while at a hotel in Lubumbashi.

“We need to rear frogs in Kenya. I tried some frog legs in Lubumbashi today and they tasted like fish,” wrote Mercy captioning her post on Instagram.

The singer was initially hesitant to taste the meal when it was put before her but later acknowledged that it tasted like fish.

“Guys these are frog legs, they look like chicken, how big are the frogs?”- Mercy posed as she took a bite.

She added: “They taste like fish, but they are frogs,” she says amid laughter.

“I ate 6 legs. I just stopped thinking it’s a frog,” she added.

Her comments brought about mixed reactions.

“I hate frogs n snails, I can’t…. let me survive on tea….strong tea to be precise coz people can milk even crocodiles just for money,” one social media user posted.

“They are very delicious especially if they are prepared by a good cook,” another user posted.

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