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Diana Marua reveals dark past before she met Bahati

Gospel singer Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has revealed that before she met the father of her two children she was a notorious party animal.

Speaking on K24’s Up Close with Betty Kyalo show on Friday, the now born-again model she said that she used to party from Thursday to Monday with friends at different clubs.

Her life was characterised by numerous road trips to different social joints across the country where her aim was just to have fun.

In fact, she adds that she never stepped in a church and would sleep in through Sunday to Monday.

Bahati then jokingly chimes in saying that he used to pick her up – while they were still dating – from many of her night escapades where she would pretend to be sober for him.

“Of course before I met Bahati I was of the world ile proper. I never used to go to church. My life used to start on Thursday halafu tunamaliza Monday hapo ndio tunatoa high heels. The whole weekend road trips, twende Naivasha, tuingie town ingine turudi,” she said.


And it’s her past life of being the party socialite that led her into Bahati’s arms. Their first encounter was when she appeared as a video vixen for the singer’s hit song “Mapenzi”, where she played the lead character alongside Bahati.

Diana acted as the bride, dressed in a white wedding gown ready to marry the man of her dreams.

“The first one on one with Bahati tulipatana akitaka kushoot video yake ya ‘Mapenzi’ so he wanted a video vixen and that is how we met. I was actually introduced to him by a deejay friend of ours. Tukafanya video ikaiisha,” says Ms Marua.

She adds: “At that time I was dating, and that is when hell broke loose for me on my dating life. Actually that morning as we were going to shoot his video that is when I broke up with my then boyfriend.”

Bahati first introduced the mother of his two children back in 2017 calling her his ‘Prayer Partner’, a tag that sparked a debate on social media.

Netizens wanted to know whether a prayer partner is a person you can depend on for religious encouragement, or just a fancy name for girlfriends before making it official.