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Ditch the miniskirts, prison boss orders wardens

Prison department wardens have been asked to ensure that they dress properly especially while in uniform.

In a communication made on Wednesday, Mr F.K Omundi, who is the Deputy Commissioner General Prisons, said that officers have been violating the dress code.

“It has been noted with great concern that some prison officers have continued violating proper dress code at workplace against what is stipulated in our prison rules and regulations,” the communication read in part.

Mr Omundi asked female officers to ensure that they put up proper inconspicuous hairstyles that do not interfere with the wearing of headgear and avoid unnatural makeup.

He also said that the female officers should ensure that they do not wear tight skirts; the skirts should be longer than the knee level.

The order echoes a past incident where a policewoman Linda Okello was sanctioned after being photographed in a tight miniskirt.

Male officers have also been directed to ensure that they maintain short and tidy hair. They should also have clean shaved beards.

Spiritual leaders, medical staff, pregnant female officers and welfare officers should also maintain a high degree of neatness.

He further threatened that officers who would not observe the orders will see action taken against them.

The communication was made just a week after the office of Inspector General of Police issued a similar order.