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DJ Afro shines as emcee during Jamhuri celebrations

James Muigai, better known as DJ Afro, the popular movie commentator, showcased his unique emceeing skills during the Jamhuri Celebrations on Tuesday, 12 December, warming the hearts of Kenyans.

DJ Afro took center stage as he introduced a comedy skit session featuring top names in the acting industry, performing in front of the head of state, President William Ruto, as part of the celebrations marking the 60th Jamhuri Day.

While DJ Afro’s face might not be familiar to many, who often hear his voiceover in movies, his lively emceeing added a special touch to the event.

The moment saw a lineup of renowned comedians, actors, and digital influencers, including Comedian Terence alias Papa Fredi, Inspekta Mwala, Mother-in-law actress Charity Mwamba, Captain Otoyo, Mtumishi, Mchungaji, actress Wilbroda, Makokha, Rukia, Ondiek Nyuka Akwota, among others.

“Alriiiight! Asante sana. Maridadi, pozi pozi aah tena pozi Kabisaaa!,” Dj Afro began his part, setting the stage for the celebrated comedians to take their positions for the performances.

“Kikosi kilicho mbele yenu ni kikosi cha wasanii wa sanaa pahali na ambapo kati ya vile vipindi vilivyoweza kuanzishwa ni vipindi kama vile tahamaki, vituko, je huu ni ungwana? na Vipindi kama vile Tausi…” he said.

(The team in front of you is a team of artists in a place where among the shows that have been initiated are shows like ‘tahamaki,’ ‘vituko,’ is this professionalism? And shows like ‘Tausi’…)

Rukia then took to the stage with her performance, adding a dose of humor to the celebration.

After her act, DJ Afro paid tribute to the late Mzee Ojwang, a legendary figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

“Na vile vile hatuezi tukamsahau bila shaka pale Mzee Ojwang’ katika kipindi cha Vitimbi. Ishi na Mungu na akamweke pahali pema peponi,” he said.

(And likewise, we cannot forget Mzee Ojwang’, undoubtedly, in the show Vitimbi. May he rest in peace and may God keep him in a good place in heaven).

Legendary comedians Ondiek Nyuka Akwota and Makhoha took over with their humorous performance, creating laughter among the gathering.

The duo engaged in banter, with Ondiek poking fun at Makhoha’s attire for the day.

The light-hearted exchange ended with both comedians wishing each other a happy Jamhuri Day.

DJ Afro once again took the opportunity to remember the late veteran actor Papa Shirandula and then introduced Wilbroda to the stage.

“Mtukufu Rais, kama vile umeskia mimi ni mjane, niko single, niko vacant. Yaani sina mtu mtuku Rais. Uko na marafiki zako ambao wako single kama mimi hata kwa cabinet uko nao,” she humorously declared, bringing smiles to the audience.

(His Excellency President, as you may have heard, I am a widow, I am single, I am available. I mean, I don’t have a significant other, Mr. President. You have your friends who are single like me; even in the cabinet, you have them.)

Mother-in-law actor Charity was then welcomed to the stage, where she playfully denied being dictatorial, emphasising that she is a disciplinarian and a born-again Christian.

The comedy session ended with comedian Terence talking about his ‘wash wash ‘legit business’.

The comedian came straight to the Jamhuri celebration occasion after a spectacular show at the premiere of his latest movie, Wash Wash 4 which took place at the Edge Convention Centre in Nairobi.

The premiere was attended by hundreds of fans who came to witness the unveiling of the much-anticipated movie.